Desire can kill a moment.
Longing for more than actually is reality results in one of the hardest of emotions. Deeply wishing for something that will never happen… But there is this tiny bit of possibility which leads to an almost endless amount of hope! In combination with selfdestructive thoughts against the own value and the own future its the emotion that is able to press you in an hole of destructive thoughts. This will lead to unproductivity. So how can you handle desire? And use it for even more productivity instead of letting it press you into selfdestructive processes? This is an important thing to learn. Not quite sure how to do that, i would say its important to be glad for what you have! In addition to that to analyse the situation and to distinguish between reality and emotion. Being glad for having emotions, hope, love and dreams. And then living in the NOW-Time and NOT in the future!!! Not let all your imaginations of the future determine what your desicions for today are. You can’t calculate the future. But handeling the presence is a though task to learn. Especially due to emotions like desire!